Clinical Knowhow, NHS & Building Information Modelling (BIM)

The NHS has evolved into a system that is renowned for being one of the most comprehensive domestic healthcare providers in the world. However, the size and complexity can challenge its ability to offer an integrated health care service that many perceive it should.

The implications of delivering such a sizable and complex system also means that it is one of the UK’s largest financial burdens as well as a key UK asset. However, critics have raised concern with regard to the ability of the health service to develop an integrated patient pathway. One particular challenge is to capture and understand the needs of patient and to effectively align clinical services. To meet patient needs, effectively, without unduly placing additional burden on the country, requires resources to be aligned. At the moment it is suggested that the physical assets are not effectively utilised and in some cases unable to meet practitioner and patient needs.

The questionnaire seeks to start the alignment program and bring together, through a technology enabled process (Building Information Modelling - BIM) and clinical experience, the use of physical assets to meet the patient and practitioner needs. It is hoped that through questionnaires, review systems and expert feedback a more effective asset model will be proposed and validated at some point in the near future.